The Perfect Weekender & Briefcase - Vermilyea Pelle

One of my favorite discoveries while living near Seattle is Vermilyea Pelle. Founded by Dustin Spencer back in 2008, Vermilyea Pelle creates bags made in all leather or a combination of leather and various types and colors of canvas. These handmade bags are beautifully made and the bags smell amazing.

One key feature of the bags is that the leather handles and harness run around the bag, making the bags super sturdy and strong. The leather is connected the the bag itself using copper rivets. Hence, these bags will last you a lifetime.

During our 3 years in Seattle, I could not resist buying 3 different versions, one weekender and two briefcases. Was this necessary? No, but these bags are just irresistible!



Since we do not (yet!) sell Vermilyea Pelle bags through Paddle & Pen, I encourage you to check out the Vermilyea Pelle website and the videos below. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter; they are always launching small batches of existing and new designs, which tend to sell out quickly:

Vermilyea Pelle





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